Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Geography Project Irish Dancing part 4

Part four of my geography project brings me to England. When the english came to Ireland for the plantations they got rid of many Irish customs. One thing from the Irish they did adapt was the Irish dance. They changed it slightly with jigs and hornpipes but it is much the same. In England dancing is just as strict and popular. For example a 14 year old boy called Joe Bitter moved from California where his Dad had a doctor practice to Birmingham in England to pursue dance. Here is a video with him dancing with Julia O 'Rourke from America.
Another girl called Simona from London has been dancing for her whole life and dedicated her life to it. She is very hopeful that her hard work will pay off. As you can see in the interview below.
Below: A boy called John Whitehurst who is the youngest of 6 children who gives up his life for dancing also lives in England!


Next week my last blog post will be Scotland!

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  1. John Whitehurst really Looking cool in an Image.
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